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A lot of wine clubs choose wines for you based upon their perception of quality and value.  We prefer to defer to the pros.  They ship you a lot of wine; many of the labels you have never heard of and could never find again. Enough!

Chateau 96 is a one of kind store for wine lovers that want the best.  It offers one-stop shopping for the top 5% of the world's best wine from the best vineyards on the planet.  Since every (we mean EVERY) wine listed has a rating of 96 or higher from either Wine Spectator Magazine, Robert Parker's office or Wine Enthusiast Magazine our customers can come to one source for fine wine. These publications are the two most respected wine rating companies in the world.  Stop shifting and filtering through a haystack of wines to find the most highly rated wines. You could throw a dart at our wine list and hit a bull's eye every time. We offer a wide variety of fine wines from the United States (Washington and California) as well as France, Italy, Australia and Chile.  Wines start at below $100 but we offer many more rare wines at over $500 a bottle.


 I started Chateau 96 after decades of collecting (and drinking) fine wine.  I studied wine making at UC Davis and operated a home vineyard for many years.  I have and will frequent the vineyards of Napa Valley, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone and Tuscany regularly to stay abreast of what is happening there. Our customers are busy people that enjoy buying and drinking fine wine without sorting through pages and pages of everyday wines. Purchase wines a la carte or join one of our four Wine Clubs.  Monthly we will ship to your home or office a competitively priced wine within the price range you choose. You can opt out of any shipment.  You must be over 21 years old and someone that age or older must sign for every shipment.

We source many of our french wines from the marketplace in London. Our offices are in Silverado, California and London, England.   But don't visit us in person--we are in internet store only to keep our costs down (and to comply with our liquor license).

If you ever have any questions about our wines, call me directly:

Dennis Doss 
Email me at: dennis@chateau96.com